Children & Teens Therapy

Children may not always know how to verbalize how they are feeling. Their big emotions may show up as:

Therapy for children can look different from traditional talk therapy. I understand that every child is unique. Creative and expressive therapy interventions help build therapeutic rapport in the therapy sessions. I utilize expressive arts, dance, writing, and play skills that may help children and teens open up about their experiences and process their emotions through creative outlets. Solution-focused and narrative storytelling therapy offers youth ways to process their trauma and overcome challenges.

I often work with children struggling with emotional regulation, depression, anxiety, high sensitivities, and ADHD. Through therapy support, your child can learn ways to express their emotions through healthy communication and behaviors. My interactions with your child are therapeutic and focused on helping them empower themselves and solve their problems.

Being a parent is not easy, and I understand that. Along with child therapy sessions, I provide parents with coaching, psychoeducation, and family sessions to help families solve conflicts and communicate more effectively. Family therapy sessions can build upon emotion-focused, nonviolent communication and healthier boundaries.