Grief Therapy

Grief is a deep sorrowful emotion associated with loss. While the loss of a loved one is a significant source of grief, other factors which may cause a person to feel grief are:

If your feelings of grief and loss are overwhelming your life, and no amount of emotional numbing and support from friends and family is helpful- grief therapy may help! Through grief counseling, you may learn to identify the stages of grief you are experiencing and how to process and release your pain and feel unstuck. You can continue to honor your loss and the loss of your loved ones while managing grief and living your complete life.

At Moonlight Marriage and Family Therapy, I understand that grief can be experienced and expressed differently for everyone. Therefore, the therapeutic interventions utilized in therapy sessions, will be catered to you based on your healing journey. Therapeutic interventions such as writing letters, empty chair therapy, and somatic/sensory regulation tools can help process unresolved grief. Whether you process and release your emotions through writing, singing, healing rituals, painting, or crying- I can continue to support you in your healing journey.