Mental Health Resources for Domestic Violence - South Asian Community

Below are some mental health resources specifically tailored for individuals of Indian descent who may be experiencing domestic violence in California. These organizations and platforms can provide culturally sensitive support and assistance:

Organizations and Helplines

  • Maitri - Helpline: 1-888-8MAITRI (1-888-862-4874)
  • Maitri is a non-profit organization that provides culturally specific services to South Asian survivors of domestic violence, emotional abuse, and family conflict. They offer a helpline, counseling, legal assistance, and other resources.
  • Sakhi for South Asian Women - Helpline: 1-877-725-7440
  • Sakhi is an organization based in the United States that supports survivors of gender-based violence from the South Asian community. They offer a range of services including counseling, legal advocacy, and community engagement.
  • Narika - Helpline: 1-800-215-7308
  • Narika is another organization serving domestic violence survivors in the South Asian community. They provide culturally sensitive support, crisis intervention, and resources.
  • South Asian Network (SAN)
  • SAN is a community organization that addresses issues faced by South Asians in Southern California. They offer resources and support related to domestic violence, mental health, and other challenges.

Therapists and Mental Health Professionals

Search for therapists with cultural competency in South Asian issues on Psychology Today's directory.

Cultural Community Centers and Religious Organizations

Local cultural centers, temples, mosques, and gurdwaras may offer support groups, counseling services, and resources for individuals from the Indian community.

Desi LGBTQ+ Organizations

If you identify as LGBTQ+, organizations like the South Asian Queer and Trans Collective (SAQTC) can provide assistance and resources.

Local Indian Consulate or Embassy

Contact the Indian consulate or embassy in your area for information about local organizations and resources for the Indian community.

Remember, if you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911 or your local emergency number.